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Why Choose Us

At Central Florida Metalworks, we take pride in every piece of work that we do. 

Regardless of the size of the project, we go through the same inspection process to make sure that every detail is covered and we achieve 100% satisfaction from our customers. 

We enjoy when customers are involved in the work as well, and have an open door policy, so come grab a seat and a drink and watch your project be completed at any stage! 

Our Team

Douglas Cherepy

Owner/Master Welder

Doug is the founder and owner of Central Florida Metalworks, LLC and has been a welder for over 10 years. He started as a blacksmith in his garage, making knives as a hobby but had always wanted to become a welder. 

He loves welding, spending time with his daughter, his wife (and business partner), and going on camping adventures with everyone. 

Doug provides excellent service, and if you're able to come and be a part of the project, he will even show you how its done! 

Amy Cherepy

Co-Owner/Woodworker/Amateur Welder

Amy is the co-owner/founder of Central Florida Metalworks, LLC and over the past three years has come to love woodworking and welding. She serves as an apprentice to Doug, learning TIG and MIG welding and handling some of the smaller welding projects in their shop. 

Amy works as a Logistics Manager during the day, but works in the CFM shop in the evenings and weekends with Doug to help service their business. She loves to cook, go on family camping trips to the springs and relaxing whenever possible!

Amy handles the majority of communication and is in charge of the marketing, designing, and scheduling of work, so give her a call today! 

Ozzi & Maximus Meatball

Our Shop Bully Babies

Come check out your work coming together and give lots of pets and kisses to our pretty little girl, Ozzi, and our little puppy Maximus Meatball! 

They are bull terriers and loves to meet anyone and everyone that stops by! 

Ozzi loves long walks, chasing birds, and staying close to her mommy and daddy (and lots of treats)

Maximus loves lots of snuggles, licking noses, chewing on old shirts and laying with his daddy's slippers.

The two are quite the dynamic duo and both love hanging out in the shop! 

Our Family 

And this is the reason why we started Central Florida Metalworks - family.

We have four children - Ashlee, Adam, Liam and Logan, and our goal is to create this business for their future. The trade industry isn't what it used to be, so we will be incorporating our kids into our shop to learn how to weld, measure, cut materials, and have a fabrication frame of mind. We hope to build this business to sustain them for their future and give them the opportunity to grow it even bigger than what our goals are. 

We have big things on the horizon, and we appreciate every customer and piece of business we have gotten to this day. Stay tuned for some big updates! Like a new shop or store front! 

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